Minutes, meeting 12.01.2013

Participants: Andrea Stenke, Ancelin Coulon, Stephan Henne, Dominik Brunner, Christina Schnadt


  • Discussion on which emissions datasets to use in the FLEXPART and SOCOL simulations
  • Explanation of FLEXPART tracer concept to Andrea and Ancelin to be taken over in SOCOL
  • Discussion how to define tracers
  • Distributions of work tasks and schedule

Emissions datasets:

  • Anthropogenic: EDGAR v4.2. Use available annual data from 1990-2008. Use EDGAR inventory of 2008 to extend simulations to 2009 and 2010.
  • Biomass burning: GFEDv3.1 daily data, convert to monthly totals?. Calculate long-term monthly means from these data. Use IAV data from 1997-2008, CYC from 1990-1996 using long-term means. Procedure following TRANSCOM protocol.
  • Rice emissions: adopted from TRANSCOM (REAS, Yan et al., 2009).
    Update 22 Jan 2013: Will be available from Elke.
  • Natural emissions: updates available? Check with TRANSCOM protocol.
  • Wetlands emissions: from Elke's statistical 1990-2005 dataset. Elke has promised to comment on possibility to extend this dataset.
  • Geological emissions: e.g. from mud volcanoes, check with TRANSCOM.

Tasks emissions:

  • Everybody: load and process EDGAR data for use in model
  • Everybody: load and process GFEDv.3 data for use in model
  • Andrea, Ancelin: rice emissions. Which datasets used in TRANSCOM? Contact Prabir Pratra to get datasets and make them available to everybody
    Update 22 Jan 2013: not necessary, rice emissions available from Elke.
  • Andrea, Ancelin: find out whether there are inventories for geological sources (contact G. Etiope again and find out whether TRANSCOM uses any useful information). Provide information to everybody
  • Tina: natural emissions. Find out whether there are any updates for oceanic, termites, and wild animal emissions (-> TRANSCOM?). Provide these emissions to everybody
  • Elke: wetland emissions. Has promised to inform Andrea/Ancelin and Tina about wetland emissions dataset status and extension
    Update 22 Jan 2013: Elke will provide WETCHIMP emissions for the period 1994-2007. Will ask Catherine Prigent for extension of wetland area datasaet after 2007.

Definition of tracers:

  • Emissions datasets will be divided up into different geographical regions (tracers). To identify regions with similar emissions behaviour over time, investigate time series for different regions. Share results with everybody on Wiki page.
  • One additional tracer should be considered: methyl chloroform, to check OH field. Emissions inventory available from TRANSCOM.

Tasks tracer definition:

  • Andrea, Ancelin: rice and anthropogenic emissions
  • Tina: wetlands, biomass burning emissions

Other tasks:

  • Tina: will carry out sensitivity simulations with URMEL emissions, but additional number of tracers, i.e. considering more age classes. Will carry out test inversions to judge whether additional age classes result in improvement of inversion outcome.
  • Tina: inform Andrea/Ancelin about how surface loss rates are dealt with in URMEL FLEXPART runs. Provide Andrea with surface/stratospheric loss rate field.
  • Andrea, Ancelin: register Ancelin at Wiki and invite him to the maiolica page.

Schedule/deadline: start simulations end of March

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