Minutes 05mar2014

Participants: Florian Arfeuille, Dominik Brunner, Ancelin Coulon, Stefan Henne, Christina Schnadt, Andrea Stenke.


  • Status report EMPA, ETH
  • Definition/distribution of the future tasks for FLEXPART and SOCOL simulations

Review of the different source categories defined during the meeting of May, 7th
Tina pointed out the the new release of the EDGAR4.2 databse (2000-2010) for anthropogenic emissions might create differences with the previous years.
Dominik suggested to investigate the methane emissions from coldfresh water (new paper from Bastkiven) and ckeck if it is included in the wetlands emissions.
Transfer knowledge from Tina to Florian for the emissions in FLEXPART.
Use of the TransCom emissions for the methylcholoroform (starting in 1988).

Tracers based on the TransCom regions are taken into account.
Transfer knowledge from Tina to Florian for the tracers in FLEXPART.

Stefan suggested to use a ratio of the methane concentration based on the emissions for each tracer as an initial condition.

Other tasks
Ancelin must compare the loss rates for stratospheric methane between SOCOL and those used in FLEXPART.
Andrea should find a solution to exchange the data between the EMPA and ETH: to create an ETH account for Florian and see different possibilities with Isabelle Bey

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