Minutes, meeting 7 May 2013 at ETH

Participants: Christina Schnadt, Ancelin Coulon, Andrea Stenke


  • Discussion/decision on which emissions datasets to use in the FLEXPART and SOCOL simulations
  • Discussion how to define tracers
  • Distributions of work tasks and schedule

Source Categories:

  • Anthropogenic
    • Dataset: EDGAR v4.2, except source categories 4C+4D (agricultural soils) and 5A+C+D+F+4E (large scale biomass burning), all other source categories to be summed up to total anthropogenic emissions.
    • Tracers: Ancelin's solution 3, but with the Himalaya region put to India.
    • Tasks:
      • Ancelin: provide definition of tracers to Tina (Lat-Lon of regions)
  • Biomass burning
    • Dataset: different datasets available - PEGAERESS (provided by Claire Garnier) doesn't show ENSO signal, EDGAR provides only annual total emissions, GFED starts only in 1997, RETRO available from 1960 incl. annual cycle => proposed solution: use RETRO data before GFED, upscale RETRO emissions to GFED, if necessary.
    • Tracers: to be defined
    • Tasks:
      • Ancelin: Compare regional trends between RETRO and GFED
      • Tina: Define tracers and provide information (Lat-Lon of regions) to all
  • Rice
    • Dataset: 2 datasets available - TransCom and MAIOLICA-I (Elke, only 1993-2007); Elke's dataset preferred
    • Tracers: 7 tracers - USA+Central America, South America, Africa, Eurasia, India, China, Indonesia+Australia
    • Tasks:
      • Tina: provide Renato's rice emissions to Andrea
      • Andrea: compare Elke's rice emissions with TransCom dataset and Renato's emissions; extend Elke's dataset to full simulation period by using a climatology before 1993 and after 2007; provide definition of tracers to all (Lat-Lon of regions)
  • Wetlands
    • Dataset: MAIOLICA-I (Elke, only 1993-2007)
    • Tracers: Tina suggests to separate 10 or 11 regions (different annual cycle northern and southern boreal regions and tropical regions)
    • Tasks:
      • all: extend Elke's dataset to full simulation period by using a climatology before 1993 and after 2007
      • Tina: provide definition of tracers to all (Lat-Lon of regions)
  • Others
    • Oceans and hydrates: TransCom, 1 tracer
    • Termites: TransCom, 1 tracer
    • Wild animals: Houweling, 1 tracer
    • Mud volcanoes: TransCom (Etiope), 1 tracer

Other tasks:

  • MCF tracer: Tina will include a MCF tracer in her model simulations to better constrain OH. Ancelin will think about similar approach in SOCOL. Tina will check available MCF emission datasets and provide information to Ancelin.
  • CH4 isotopologues: For a second round of simulations CH4 isotopologues might be included as additional diagnostic into FLEXPART and/or SOCOL.
  • Prepare nudging files for SOCOL (Ancelin, Andrea).

Schedule/deadline: start simulations end of June

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