Minutes, 2nd project meeting 7 Nov 2013 at ETH

Participants: Isabelle Bey, Niklaus Zimmermann, Dominik Brunner, Ancelin Coulon, Thomas Peter, Andrea Stenke (minutes)


  • Status report EMPA, WSL, ETH
  • Planning GHG seminar series
  • CCES conference Feb 2014 and mid-term review

Status report EMPA:

  • Personnel situation:
    • Tina will leave EMPA by 1 Dec 2013
    • EMPA published job announcement: 100% PostDoc for 2 yrs, starting date early 2014
    • Stephan and Dominik familiar with model set-up, knowledge transfer guaranteed
  • Tina is working on a publication of Flexpart simulations covering a shorter time period
  • ERA-Interim data and CH4 emission data for new MAIOLICA-2 Flexpart runs downloaded

Status report WSL:

  • Personnel situation:
    • Elke and Ben worked closely together on the wetland and fire emission model, for MAIOLICA-2 a continuation of this collaboration was foreseen
    • Elke will not work on MAIOLICA-2, but will return for 3 months starting from January 2014 to finalize her work so far (documentation, prepare knowledge transfer to new colleague)
    • Ben, who will start a new position in Montana, is still interested to work on this topic
    • WSL and Ben will jointly announce a MAIOLICA-2 PostDoc position
  • Elke and Ben are working on a publication describing the calibration of their emission model

Status report ETH:

  • Ancelin finalized model set-up (implementation of tracer diagnostic, preparation of emission data sets, nudging files); first test simulations to stabilize CH4 budget are performed

CCES conference and mid-term review:

  • positive feedback from CCES office on the MAIOLICA-2 contribution to CCES report
  • since the reporting period for the CCES report is 2011 to 2013, achievements and outreach activities from MAIOLICA-1 also to be included in the report
  • CCES conference 26 Feb 2014: 30 min presentation of MAIOLICA-2 incl. parts of MAIOLICA-1 to show progress; speakers: Tina and Andrea or Dominik and Andrea
  • CCES mid-term review interview 27 Feb 2014: PIs (Tom, Nick, Dominik, …)

GHG seminar series:

  • next seminar: Christoph Gerbig, 3./4. Dec 2013
  • invitation of further speakers:
    • Andrea will contact Renato Spahni and Apostolos Voulgarakis
    • Dominik will contact Gabrielle P├ętron who is planning to come to Switzerland in 2014 anyway
    • Isabelle will ask Niki Gruber to invite Han Dolman
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