Prior CH4 Sources

Prior CH4 emissions is a derived from terrestrial biosphere model LPJ-wsl for use in research environments. This dataset provides 0.5 degree resolution estimates of the global wetland CH4 emission ( global wetland areal extent, and land surface freeze/thaw state dynamics) for all regions where low temperature are a major constraint to CH4 producing processes. The Wetland emissions approach is a semi-empirical fast running algorithm suitable for long integrations and incorporation into atmospheric chemistry-climate models. For more details about the methodology, please check Hodson et al., (2011). The global wetland extent dynamic was generated using a hydrologic model TOPMODEL with an improved parameterizations incorporated into LPJ-wsl. Please check Zhang et al., (2016) for details.

Name Time Period Unit
Wetland CH4 emissions 1980-2015 g/m2/month
Wetland areal extent 1980-2015 fraction
Freeze/Thaw State* 1980-2015 fraction

Wetland CH4 Emissions


Wetland Areal Dynamics


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  • Zhang, Z., Zimmermann, N. E., Kaplan, J. O., and Poulter, B.: Modeling spatiotemporal dynamics of global wetlands: comprehensive evaluation of a new sub-grid TOPMODEL parameterization and uncertainties, Biogeosciences, 13, 1387-1408, doi:10.5194/bg-13-1387-2016, 2016.
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